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Postby Jamie Blyth » Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:29 pm

Good evening all. I hope you are staying healthy in the Covidera....

I am conducting a pilot project profiling people with gambling addiction… and my task is to try and identify commonality in their subconscious drivers and strategies of 40 respondents.

All somebody will have to do is complete an assessment online (takes 20m) and feedback session by zoom/skype (45m). The process is completely anonymous; all we really require is the data. However I am extremely confident that the respondent/participant would gain incredible insight into themselves and their behaviour simply by virtue of participation, without them spending a penny. They’ll get to explore themselves and what is driving their behaviour, and we could, as an aside, offer pretty helpful advice on how to change that behaviour…. normally we’d charge for this process, but this pilot is funded. I anticipate, on successful completion of the pilot project, and the following feasibility study, that we will be in a position to set a new benchmark in the fight against harmful gambling. We are very optimistic that the process will work.

Creed, colour, background, intelligence, ability, wealth is irrelevant. Apart from known harmful gambling issues, basic literacy is the only real prerequisite at this stage along with their gender and age, and some stock questions about their gambling along with the assessment.

I need 40 people in total, and I’m under quite tight time restrictions (13 weeks!), starting last week.

From my own personal experience I know that had I completed this assessment when I was a teenager/young adult, I wouldn’t have ended up hanging from a rope in 2016 in an attempt to kill myself (because of drink, drugs and gambling).

I look forward to hearing from you, and would welcome any support, advice, or guidance in completing this process. If you are interested write to me: jamie@whyaddicted.com
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