Xanax withdrawal after 3 weeks use help me please

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Xanax withdrawal after 3 weeks use help me please

Postby Slytronic » Fri Jan 10, 2020 5:16 am

Hi everyone I’m hoping to get some first hand experience on Xanax withdraws. I started to use 2-4mg per day usually 7 pm during the Christmas period. I lost my wife not so long ago and Christmas seems to get to me. I got my hands on some Xanax and I found it to be beneficial in helping me to relax and not be bothered by things. I’ve managed the death of my partner quite well without any medication for nearly 3 years however I knew Christmas would be tough hence why I took them. Anyway my use has been 2-4 mg every day for 3 weeks. I stopped taking them the night before Going back to work and woke up with a feeling of impending doom. I did it go into work and all day I was feeling very anxious and on edge which was Monday and now I’m On Friday. So from that day till now I’ve been trying to taper off by using 0.5 mg 1/4 of a bar about 20.00 at night and it helps me relax and I can operate the next day however the panic sets in whenever it wants. I do Have moments where I will be ok throughout the day. Yesterday which was Thursday I thought I turned a corner as I felt good most of the day but at times still clenching my hands and feet. I was thinking of not taking any Xanax but knew it would be too early and I wouldn’t be able to rest during the night so I carried on with the protocol. I’ve woke up at 04.00 after a nightmare and my panic set in so I’ve cleaned the house. I’ve read quite abit on the internet and there is horror stories I can’t bare to read them as the literature is quite heavy and over exaggerated so I’m trying to find people who have been through this. I called frank the dr up online he said 4-10 days I should be fine cold turkey but I can’t go cold turkey. Can anyone help me with advice how long will it take till I settle down and get comfortable in my own body ? I can get good cbd oil today it will be stronger than average stuff so thinking of using that to help me come off Xanax ? Any advice please help me. Can’t believe I’ve got myself in such a mess I have children to look after and a job I should return too. Luckly my boss was very understanding when I said I’m having panic attacks.

Thanks guys
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