Iboga detox.

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Iboga detox.

Postby brellant » Sat Jul 20, 2019 9:21 am

Hi to everyone my partner was suffering from Heroin addiction, so she traveled to Cameroon where I read a documentary about IBOGA an African shrub.
Found mostly in West Africa. This is a very strong medicine where she made about 2months there.
After which she returned and she is very okay.
I decided to share this because I once saw an Iboga post here and I decided to give it a try after a long struggle to help my wife get off heroin.
I am happy now and I wish to share this to others who need help and wish to be free from their heroin addiction.
The greatest mistake and risk in life is to take no risk. I had to try because I love my partner so much I was not ready to loose her to drugs.
But now I am a happy man with my lovely family there are many and uncountable times I wanted to leave her and go somewhere far.
But that is marriage we most be there for each other I now comprehend this so well.
So I reached out to one ***** in Cameroon made arrangements and she left for Cameroon.
He is in Cameroon and he can help you just like he did for us.
I promised I was going to share this information so well that is why I do this.
Good luck I wish you all the best.
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