What is the attraction of Gambling???

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What is the attraction of Gambling???

Postby Hannah.J » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:30 pm

Can some one tell me what is the attraction of Gambling? It does not take a rocket scientist to work out that the odds are against you. Look at the money spent on Casino's and very expensive websites.

My husband gambles on everything from football matches to fruit machines. Even the fruit machines tell you they only pay back 72%. What is the point?

If you went to a bank and said I would like to put £10,000 into your back, and the bank manager said, that is fine and we will give you back £7,200 if your lucky, would you open an account with them???

Am I totally missing the plot somewhere or are you all just completely stupid????? :|
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Re: What is the attraction of Gambling???

Postby Stacey.H » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:36 pm

Hi Hannah,

I was hoping someone would ask that.

I am with you, they are all stupid unless someone can convince me otherwise?? :)
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Re: What is the attraction of Gambling???

Postby Seb123 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 12:40 am

I'll just give you my experience from a gamblers point of view I gambled for over 20 years it cost me a lot but not once dud I ever want to stop.
Yes the behaviour is stupid but often addicted gamblers are pretty intelligent this is part of what fuels it, to me I never wanted to accept the loss I never wanted to feel Defeated each bet or new run of gambling was the beginning of a comeback this is all part of the fantasy world you live in in a gambling addiction.
My main habit was casino roulette and yes as you said I knew the odds were well against me but that was on the long run in addict mode my only thought of that session at the table. And if I won big well wow it was the biggest high ever I'd go on shopping sprees give money away buy presents etc I felt like king of the world to me it beat any drug (the high is similar to cocaine) but it's such a natural high that rush of endorphins and the feel of a huge amounts of cash was the ultimate. And it's real - coke , speed etc you know there just chemicals the gambling high was the best. And it gives escapism nothing else mattered but getting the bet in , it's like a lifestyle to , the preparing for the bet researching a sports bet putting the bet on on it's all ritual and I didn't have to think about anything else.
Other side is chasing losses you just get stuck in it all you can think about is bets you should have done mistakes you made and you promise yourself that next time you gamble it will all go right.
Addiction and common sense don't go hand in hand like the bank analogy you used , I wouldn't think in those terms , watch a James Bond film where they play roulette how cool and seductive it all looks that's the dream for the gambler. Fantasy . Physically Gambling releases chemicals in the brain that are addictive to. I lost my wife and business but I still love gambling I don't care bout the other things because the nights I do win are the greatest nights ever and things like family and wife's were just an extra thing it make me feel guilty about it all. I love casinos I'll probs end up commuting suicide over it all but to me so what maybe I'll win a million and live happy ever after like I said I'm an addict I don't care the world for me consists of 2 things me and my addiction and that's the risk you take
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Re: What is the attraction of Gambling???

Postby thegambler19 » Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:20 am

The attraction of gambling is that with it, you have the ability to turn something small, into something colossal. While that may be the case, the chances of winning is very low, so even though you're only placing a small bet, when combined with the other bets you have placed, it'll amount to something big.
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