Oniomania / Compulsive Shopping Documentary

This section is for people who have a shopping addiction.

Oniomania / Compulsive Shopping Documentary

Postby CBFilmsResearch » Thu Feb 20, 2014 4:04 pm

CB Films and Channel 4 are developing an observational documentary series that will delve into the experience of addiction and impulse control disorders, showing the audience what it can really mean to be someone living with addiction or extreme impulsiveness.

Everyday there seems to be another story of lives blighted by compulsive shopping addictions (or Oniomania), yet the newspaper comments and addiction forums are still full of people who don't understand what this compulsion really is, or how destructive this addiction can be. In this observational documentary, CB Films aim to really explore what it means to live with this addiction and shed light on how it really affects individuals every day lives. Expert researchers and psychologists have spoken at length about the causes of this behaviour and the effect it can have on not just individuals, but their loved ones and colleagues as well. We hope that by looking in depth at people's personal experiences, we can go some way in helping the audience understand what this compulsion really is.

At this stage we are really interested in talking to as many people as possible about their own experiences of shopping addiction - be that as those struggling with addiction now, those who have recovered or those who have been affected by a partner or loved one with addiction.

In order to make this documentary as comprehensive as possible, it's important we talk to anyone kind enough to share their experience with us. Of course, any information shared will be held strictly confidential, and there is no obligation to take part in the project any further should you wish.

If you are willing to share your experience with us, please contact Rowan:

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