Alcohol and Drug addiction HELP

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Alcohol and Drug addiction HELP

Postby Help me » Thu May 14, 2020 6:45 am

Hi, I'm 36 years old and been drinking since I was around 14. I wouldn't say a was a heavy drinker to start with but then it all changed, When I was around 18, when I stated smoking weed as well as drinking every night then started on the cocaine. I done this for many. I now want to change my life for good and get the real me back and my family! I'm four days clean at the moment which is a massive step for me. I'm currently stay away from my family home so I can get clean and the real me back.

As I say I'm four days clean but it's taking its toll, the anxiety is horrific and at night the sweats and dreams are unreal, in fact they spoil my day as I feel all confused, I'm taking CBD oil which does curb the anxiety and mirtazipine for sleep aid. Could anyone tell me if thIs in normal when your detoxing your body?

Sorry I'm not very good at writing please don't hesitate to ask any further questions about me.

Hope someone can give me some guidence.

Thank you
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Re: Alcohol and Drug addiction HELP

Postby admin » Thu May 21, 2020 6:56 am


You don’t need to put yourself through all this, plus it is very dangerous just to stop.

You would have been better off having a home detox, or coming into rehab.

Kind regards

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