How to recognize addiction

This sections is for all other addictions. ie, Internet Addiction, Eating Addiction etc

How to recognize addiction

Postby James_H » Thu May 13, 2021 10:41 am

Synthesizing, we can say about addiction when for a period of one month at least three of the following symptoms occur together (or one symptom lasts for a year):

- a strong, intrusive desire or even compulsion to use the drug (so-called alcohol craving, drug craving, etc.);
- loss of control over when to start and stop using and how much to use;
- the emergence of an abstinence state after withdrawal, characteristic for a given substance, but always experienced as negative; it can reach different levels of intensity, but the result will always be the search for a substance to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms;
- the development of tolerance, i.e., the need for ever-increasing doses to achieve the desired effect, or decreased satisfaction after the same dose (some drug users can take doses of heroin that are many times the lethal dose);
- becoming preoccupied with the use, drastically changing one's interests, entering a new environment, adopting a different lifestyle, or abandoning or limiting social, work, or recreational activities because of the use;
- spending most of their time acquiring and using substances or recovering from consumption;
- persistent substance use, despite awareness of harmful consequences, health problems, social degradation
- unsuccessful attempts to quit;
- Rationalization, i.e., inventing pseudo-true excuses and reasons why the use of the drug is necessary, blaming the environment and justifying oneself.
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