My son's phone addiction - a warning!

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My son's phone addiction - a warning!

Postby Shaohao » Mon Dec 21, 2020 11:02 am

My son got his own phone call when he went to school, that is at the age of 7. It was not the case that he persuaded us to buy it. We did not imagine that he would be at school and we would not have any contact with him. I must admit that when I could buy him my own smartphone, I felt relief. He used my or my husband's phone before, so we had to agree to it. I intuitively felt that we were exaggerating, sometimes I disagreed with the principle, although in fact, I would have preferred to give him back his phone for the whole evening. Now my laziness came back and hit me hard.

Simon was one of the few children who started school with his own phone in his pocket. That is why he impressed his colleagues when he borrowed the phone so that his peers could play.

The first problems with separating the child from the screen appeared with the school ban on using the phone. The children were supposed to throw the phones into the drawer in the teacher's desk. Simon started hiding the phone, pretending it wasn't there, and then he got attention because he was caught playing some games or watching something on the Internet with children. It was so important for him to have a phone that he did not react to these remarks at all. This ban was transparent to him - completely, it did not make any impression on him.

After a few such behaviors of the boy, the teacher called me to school and informed me then that Simon may have a problem because he behaves differently from other children. The rest of the group held on together - the children were a small community that experienced various things together, including school bans. And Simon stayed away from them. As if in his opinion, having a phone and using it according to his own rules was his sacred right. That day I came home very upset. I felt as if the teacher had come up with a problem, as if she had spitefully burdened me with a huge problem. On the other hand, I realized that Simon was breaking the rules, I knew it was wrong and I felt very powerless. It was as if I got alpped. I wanted very much to suppress the thought that it was my fault. And now we have a big problem.
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