Day Four and in need of support

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Day Four and in need of support

Postby Time4Change2020 » Sun May 24, 2020 5:35 pm

Slight back story. I have always enjoyed a drink, and started drinking regularly around the age of 15. In more recent years, my drinking went from maybe 2 nights a week, to 3 nights a week then has gradually escalated to around a bottle and a half to two bottles of wine around 5 nights a week (sometimes every day on a "bad" week). My partner isn't a big drinker, so my drinking is all the more evident whilst he is sat there with a cup of tea and I'm screwing open my second bottle of wine on a Tuesday. Just writing this makes me feel ashamed and sick, as I had kidded myself that it was just part of "mum wine" culture, and I didn't have a problem. I have tried to cut down in the past but it has always only lasted a week or so, then the frequency crept up and up, 'til I was right back where I started. On Wednesday I was supposed to be having a couple of glasses of wine (socially distanced in our separate gardens) with the neighbour, but this couple of glasses got out of hand and the following day I had such a bad hangover I was being sick and could barely eat even at tea time. That was the day I made the decision that enough is enough and I had to stop before things get even more out of control. I decided cutting back was not an option and I have decided to give up for good.

I am currently on day four and finding it a lot tougher than I ever imagined. I didn't see myself as an "alcoholic" but I am finding it so, so difficult and this is only after four days! Is anyone else on a similar journey? Or has been through a similar journey?
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