Where can I get anonymous NHS advice?

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Where can I get anonymous NHS advice?

Postby Tompeterchris » Thu Dec 03, 2020 11:44 am

Anybody knows where is the best to ask for anonymous NHS advice?

In case somebody here knows the answer my problem is:

I'm 30 now. I was depressed and anxious since 12. After failed attempts with psychiatrist I used drugs and alcohol to make life bearable. I've used all the hard drugs, OD'ed multiple times and I've spent 6 months in a drug rehabilitation centre. I turned up relatively alright, probably because I've never done intravenous use.

After many, many, many problems from using drugs I've managed to mostly pull myself together. I have a beautiful loving wife, nice flat and a decent job. Depression is still there though. Nobody knows that I'm still using drugs. The only difference is I use 'softer' drugs now so it doesn't fuck up my life constantly.

One of my 'brightest ideas' was to keep working at a job that I could feel was bad for my back until Ive developed a chronic back pain. The back pain allowed me to get prescription for Tramadol. (I've used Kratom before they made it illegal) It wasn't a hard drug like others so I was able to get my fix without constant overdosing. Everything was fine until NHS changed the rules for opioid prescriptions. Now I'm on Cocodamol(30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol, 100 pills per month) and Escitalopram 20mg/1 per day.

That's not enough though to help with my pain. So for half of every month I take 10 Cocodamol and 16 Ibuprofens(200mg) and codeine(12.8mg) pills and loads of phenibut(5-10 grams a day) The other half of the month I'll take a bit of a break or make poppy tea etc.

Somehow doing this for quite a while didn't fuck up my body yet to have visible effects. It's a matter of time though so I need a better solution.

I didn't want to talk to my Doctor because I'm worried she'll cancel my prescription. I'm anxious also if having addiction record might affect my work in the government areas.
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